Bing Liu

Bing Liu is a Sundance award-winning new talent referred to as “the real deal” by reviewers and peers alike. Bing’s documentary feature debut, Minding The Gap, won the Sundance 2018 Jury Award for Breakthrough Filmmaking and a 2019 Oscar Nomination for Best Documentary.

An emotional and spirited film, Minding the Gap follows three young men, friends who bond over their love of skateboarding as they contend with the volatile family issues they come to learn and share. The film’s blend of artful character-driven vérité storytelling and beautiful cinematography set it apart.

Following Sundance, the film screened at other festivals of note. Copenhagen’s Next Wave said:

“We are in Rockford, Illinois – in the heart of the American rust belt – where Zack, Keire and Bing kill time skating around the city and partying. The deep friendship of the small trio is the core of Bing Liu’s formidable debut and Sundance darling, where every choice in life – both right and wrong – closes one door and opens a new one. For even though their friends feel more like a family than their own families, all three of them have their own demons to fight with on the home front… ‘Minding the Gap’ is a film created with youthful energy, but with an impressive level of maturity and insight. Bing Liu will not be one of the great filmmakers in the future. He already is one.”

Bing’s next documentary feature, All These Sons, world-premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival to much acclaim as one of the most anticipated films of the festival by outlets from Rolling Stone to Vogue. Described as unflinchingly candid and bracingly honest, the film is another exploration of masculinity, set in Chicago, focused on young men working to break the cycle of gun violence.

Bing is also a Story Director / DP on Starz’s America To Me for Executive Producer and Director Steve James. The nonfiction episodic series–the first ever to screen at Sundance–is a look at one of Chicago’s most exemplary and diverse public schools as they grapple with racial and educational inequalities and the challenges of today’s teenagers.

Bing started his career as a teenager filming his friends while they skate, and honed his talent in cinematography and editing while pursuing a B.A. from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. At 19 he began freelancing as a grip and by age 23 he joined the International Cinematographer’s Guild, working in the camera department.

Next in development is Ocean Vuong’s On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, with A24, with Bing adapting for screen and directing. During a recent podcast, the author and poet praised Bing’s involvement, “Bing is a genius in himself…to play and to bring Bing’s larger, expansive political gaze behind the camera was really exciting to me.”