Paul Crowder

Director / Editor Paul Crowder started his career as a professional musician. A drummer with his London band The Adventures, he released five albums including a top 20 hit in Europe. The band traveled and opened with Fleetwood Mac. Later, when Paul moved to Los Angeles, his gigs included those with Eric Burdon of The Animals and Robbie Kreiger of The Doors. Next up was Floggin’ Molly, Paul’s band he still plays in today.

Paul’s music background led him to editing when VH1 asked him to take on a number of Behind the Music episodes. During that time Paul and Director Stacy Peralta met, which led to collaborating on Dogtown and Z-Boys, with Paul editing the film about the team that put extreme skate on the map. The documentary was a breakout hit at Sundance and continues its popularity today. Paul next edited Riding Giants about big wave surfing, again for Stacy, which was another Sundance hit.

Paul moved into the Director / Editor chair with Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who. The documentary premiered concurrently in theaters on two continents and on VH1 live as a global event. Paul’s Once in a Lifetime for ESPN chronicled the rise and fall of the New York Cosmos soccer team of the ‘70s and star player Pelé. Last Play at Shea, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, came next. A love letter to NY, the film intertwines the ups-and-downs of the New York Mets, Shea Stadium, and Billy Joel. On a roll, Paul’s next film F1 is the definitive documentary on Formula One Grand Prix Racing.

With Paul’s musical and Sundance pedigrees, he was the perfect choice as editor for Dave Grohl’s documentary Sound City. The musician and first-time director brought Paul to the project early on, drawn by his editorial chops and history as a musician. The film was a hit at Sundance.

Chosen again for his way with music in film and festival history, Paul is currently editing The Beatles Documentary for director Ron Howard. This film is Paul’s third project with Sir Paul McCartney. He featured McCartney in Last Play at Shea, Sound City and now ongoing in The Beatles Documentary. Seems only fitting as the two Pauls first met years ago when Paul Crowder’s dad ran McCartney Productions for the icon.

Paul's latest film The Blue Angels on IMAX featuring never-before-seen footage that chronicles a year with the Navy’s elite Flight Demonstration Squadron—from selection through the challenging training and demanding show season—showcasing the extraordinary teamwork, passion, and pride that fuels America’s best, the Blue Angels.